Dear festival, we are TimeSquare.
The App Store for festival apps. As our concept is brand new, we will explain it to you in a couple of quick steps!
OK, please tell me more!
Great, sign up my festival
OK. Awesome! Here we go.
TimeSquare is an App Store for festival apps. In the following short Demo Video we will show you around in TimeSquare.
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Great, sign up my festival
A great feature is the PromoLink; a unique quick link that will open TimeSquare directly in your festival app, and sets your festival as the TimeSquare homescreen.
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Each festival gets its own app in TimeSquare with its own look & feel. Check the examples of some of the great festivals who created their unique app in TimeSquare.
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You have 100% control. Use the TimeSquare CMS to manage your app 24/7 and send out push messages. Crucial in case of urgent last minute changes & calamities.
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Last but not least. You have full access to your user statistics to help you understand your customers better. And we will help you analyse if needed.
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I want my own app in the App Store/Playstore

In TimeSquare you do get your own app. The difference is that your app won't be in the enormous iOS or Android app stores where festival users have trouble finding it. Instead your own app is available in TimeSquare: app store for festival apps.

I want to protect my festivals unique identity!

100% understand. We've got that covered too. Using the TimeSquare CMS you create your own app with it’s own look & feel. Try us! And we are constantly adding features to TimeSquare so you can further customize your app in TimeSquare.

What about privacy, and who owns the user stats?

Your customers and user stats are yours. We won't use/sell them, or add advertisements. No way. We are looking at making general anonymous cross-industry data analyses and offer you these to help you understand the festival public better.

What about pricing?

500 Euro per festival app per edition. This includes your own app, access to the TimeSquare CMS, push notifications, access to user stats and much more. And we are also happy to promote your festival through our social channels of course!

What about extra custom features?

We are constantly adding new features to TimeSquare based on the feedback of festivals and app users. So yes please send us your ideas and wishes. Most of the time we can add the features you would like for free.

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