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10 Tips for promoting your app

OK, so now you have a nice app in TimeSquare, the app store for festival, venue and theatre apps. The app is an excellent new tool for your festival visitors who don’t need a mobile website, brochure or timetable anymore. Now the only thing you have to do, is to make sure they all get to know about your app. Let us tell you how!


1. Unique promolink

Always use the unique promolink of your app: when clicked on a smartphone the promolink will open TimeSquare directly in your specific app, even after installing the app via the app store. It’s every partner’s 'front door' into TimeSquare. Options like Homescreen and Push are automatically turned on, unless a user switches them off.


2. Social media

Promote the unique promolink to your app on your social media two or three times, especially in the weeks before the festival when everyone is curious for the timetables.


3. Your website

Put a 'download the app' button on your website where you tell your visitors to use the app during the festival, because the timetables are always up to date and changes will be announced through a push notification.


4. Ticket emails

Do the same when you email your ticketholders with practical information.


5. PDF timetable

When you publish a PDF file of your timetable on your website, make sure you mention the app for the latest version of the timetable.


6. QR code on print

If you still print timetables, put a QR code of your unique promolink on it so everyone knows where to find updates for the schedule.


7. Apps are fun

Also, don’t forget to mention the fun part of the app; your visitors can prepare for the festival with the integrated Spotify playlist and YouTube video’s on the line-up pages.


8. Exclusive content

You can also add exclusive content to the app, like hidden video’s with messages from artists or directors.


9. Push notifications

Festivals who use their app in TimeSquare all year round can also send out push notifications when they announce a new batch of artists or when the pre-sale starts.


10. App only content

If you promise your followers that they will be the first (or even only ones) to know about a secret afterparty, a surprise act or a discount code for next edition, they will definitely get the app.

TimeSquare will also promote your festival on its socials and regularly sends out push messages to all users, promoting a wider range of festivals.

If you also have some great ideas about how to promote your app, please let us know!