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Connect to the TimeSquare API

November 16, 2022

Not enough time or does your festival or venue have a huge amount of program? No worries! We've got a great API allowing you to connect your own CMS to TimeSquare.

Get connected

API? API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. An API enables communication between different (software) applications or programs. Connecting to our API prevents you from having to add content twice: the artists, stages etc will automatically be pushed from the CMS of your website to your TimeSquare app. 

Changes can be made as often as necessary on your website and it will be pushed to the app without any problems, even when the festival is already going on and there is a lot of traffic.

Festivals like Le Guess Who? and Popronde already connected successfully to the TimeSquare API. This means hundreds of artists (with text, images and links to their socials and the streaming platforms), festival venues, performances and the timetable got in the app without spilling a drop of sweat!


Or if you work with Stager, the well known online ticketing system and event marketing & planning platform, we have connected Stager to TimeSquare to automatically send all your events to your app in TimeSquare. State of the art, out of the box. It's just one checkbox :-)


Connecting to the TimeSquare API is a one-time investment where you can benefit from for years! If you want to know more about this time saving feature just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.