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Connect your venue app to Stager!

May 18, 2022

We are proud to announce we have linked up with Stager! Stager is a well known online ticketing system and event marketing & planning platform based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We've connected Stager to TimeSquare to automatically send all your events to your app in TimeSquare. State of the art, out of the box. It's just one checkbox :-)

Festival and venue apps 

TimeSquare is 'the appstore for festival and venue apps'. We've started in the festival industry but early 2020 we've launched a venue app as well. A clear win-win-win; TimeSquare now has access to both festival and venue apps, so concerts get exposure among the large festival audiences in TimeSquare and we noticed that many festival organizers are venue bookers anyway!

Make a connection

As always, the challenge is content. First of all, venues can add concerts using the user friendly TimeSquare CMS. Or if a venue prefers they can also connect to the TimeSquare API to automatically send their events from their own CMS to ours. And even better, venues who work with Stager can automatically connect to TimeSquare by allowing event information to feed into TimeSquare!

For more information please contact us!