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Feature #3: Free Trial App

TimeSquare has a brand new feature: the free trial app. You can now get a trial app in TimeSquare for your festival, venue or theatre. And yes, it’s totally free, no strings attached!

For everyone who is interested in an app in TimeSquare we can put up a trial app, including access to the CMS. So besides looking around in what could be your app, you can also explore the CMS: play with the look and feel of your app and see how easy it is to create line-up pages, a festival map or even a timetable.


For your eyes only

The trial app will be visible in your TimeSquare app only, it can’t be seen by any of the other TimeSquare users. But... we guess you want your colleagues to check it out as well and you probably don’t want to lend them your phone all the time. That’s why you can share it with nine other persons.



How does it work?

To request your free trial, which by the way is valid for 30 days, please visit our Trial page. Just to be sure we will verify your email first by sending you a code. After that you can continue by adding basic information of your festival or venue plus some artwork.

When we receive your request we will put up a trial app for you as soon as possible and send you a unique trial code by email. You can use this code in the regular TimeSquare app and your trial app pops up between the other festivals or venues.



It looks as if it’s already officially in the TimeSquare app store, but as we promised it’s only visible for you and your colleagues or friends. And once you are happy with your trial app you can publish it for real to your visitors, and the TimeSquare user base, within seconds.

Of course once you have the real app you can use more advanced TimeSquare features such as sending push notifications or use the unique promolink



Curious about TimeSquare's free trial app? Request your own trail app here and we will ensure that your app is live within 24 hours!