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Feature #4: Interactive maps in TimeSquare

January 18, 2021

All your festival locations in one interactive map! The interactive map automatically synchronizes all stages you've already created. You just have to publish the map and all your stages, bars, food stalls, toilets etc. are in it!

A beautiful, easy to understand, interactive map that works well on all phones. We've teamed up with Mapbox making sure you can offer the best possible (and most reliable) mapping to your visitors. And of course we are constantly adding more functionalities. A great feature for example is that when you press a stage, a pop-up will show the upcoming gigs at that specific stage!

The interactive map automatically appears in your app in TimeSquare once you've published the map and set the location on the map for the different stages and 'other locations' such as bars, food stands, toilets etc. Anything you can think off, you can add it to the map... It’s as simple as that!