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New website!

Bang! TimeSquare has just released a brand new website! Check it out on As TimeSquare is growing quickly internationally, it was about time we explain a bit more about who we are and what TimeSquare can do for your festival or venue.

TimeSquare is the appstore for festival and venue apps. For only a fraction of the cost of building a custom app for your festival or venue you can launch your own app in TimeSquare: with more features and no (hidden) yearly maintenance or hosting costs.

Our new website explains the most important features of TimeSquare for both festivals and venues. We have also made things easier for anybody interested to learn more; we have included a chat feature (thanks to our friends at Intercom) so you can ask us anything 24-7. Please don't ;-)

A great feature of the website is that festivals and venues are now able to create their own trial app in TimeSquare. Press 'Start Free Trial' and within 24 hours you will have your own trial app and access to the TimeSquare CMS. You, and 10 colleagues, can test the app before the official launch.

And last but not least: BIG thanks to Fabian for helping us releasing the website. We miss you and we wish you all the success finishing your study!