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Meet the festivals: Grasnapolsky

February 24, 2022

The last will be the first! On March 12 and 13, 2022 Grasnapolsky will take place in factory de Toekomst (the Future) in Scheemda, Groningen: the very first weekender festival made possible after phasing out the Covid measures. Dance, dance, dance!

The factory doors will open that weekend for you eager festival-goers who have been pining for live music, dancing, art and exploration for two years. The honor of the very first festival after an extremely difficult period for the cultural sector goes to the very last festival before Covid: Grasnapolsky.

Grasnapolsky is a weekend of music, art and expeditions in a special location. The festival seeks a healthy balance between more famous artists and new discoveries. Grasnapolsky always takes place at an undiscovered location in the Netherlands and establishes a connection with the environment. Telling the story of the location, currently Factory de Toekomst in Groningen, is a common thread through the festival. Nothing is obvious with Grasnapolsky and adventure is a given.

Grasnapolsky app

Check out the line-up in the Grasnapolsky app in TimeSquare and head to the North of The Netherlands for an amazing festival experience again!

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