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Meet the festivals: Minimal Music Festival

February 24, 2023

The first of many new TimeSquare partnership we will launch in the upcoming months is with Minimal Music Festival in Amsterdam.

Minimal Music Festival 2023

For five days, the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam will be dedicated to minimal music in the broadest sense: by pioneers Steve Reich and Philip Glass and by today's makers. This is how the Minimal Music Festival 2023 celebrates the power of repetition. Repetition that never stays the same, that itself changes and brings about change. A lamp of hope in dark times.

You can hear the new transformations of minimal music in farm-fresh work by composer Maxim Shalygin, drummer Valentina Magaletti and producer Loraine James. And there are unique performances: 100 cymbals by Ryoji Ikeda, a rousing Egyptian zar ritual and wonderful soundscapes by guitarist Oren Ambarchi.


Check the line-up and timetable, listen to the Spotify playlist in the app and find more info in the Minimal Music Festival app in TimeSquare!


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