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Meet the festivals: Popronde

September 13, 2022

This week a new edition of the Popronde has started! It is the biggest free traveling music festival in the Netherlands for new and emerging musical talent. Popronde and TimeSquare joined forces again to release the official Popronde 2022 app in TimeSquare.

Popronde all over the Netherlands

Popronde takes place every autumn in the period from September to November in about 40 cities throughout the country. From Leeuwarden to Middelburg, from Venlo to Alkmaar and from Deventer to The Hague. The participating locations are cafes, galleries, theaters, record stores, churches, clubs, hairdressers and creative workspaces like De Dorus in Leiden where TimeSquare headquarters is located. One evening a year they are the showcase for the new generation of pop musicians and the center is the festival site.

Popronde is a great breeding ground and the festival is a stepping stone to halls and festivals outside the own region, to a larger audience and to a great career in the music business. In their early days, bands such as Kensington, De Staat and Chef'Special participated in the Popronde and more recently artists such as Froukje, Wies, Pip Blom, Meau, Jeangu Macrooy, The Vices, Rondé and Nana Adjoa.

Popronde app

All the artists, timetables and maps of the first Popronde 2022 cities can be found in the free Popronde app in TimeSquare and eventually all 42 cities will be included!

You can also easily find all the must see acts picked by their mediapartners (3voor12, FunX, Never Mind The Hype and OOR) in the app with the small icons of the partners. 

Dynamic Design

Just like Popronde you can now add Dynamic Designs to your app in TimeSquare: integrate your own artwork, font style and colors and make the app completely yours. Read all about it in this blog

Your app in TimeSquare?

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