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New feature: conference app

April 20, 2023

For a festival and conference in one, TimeSquare offers a brand new solution: with a switch on the homescreen of your festival app you can navigate to the conference part of the app which includes panels and speakers.

Two events in one app

Check out the app from our launching partner c/o pop Festival & Convention as a great example. The festival app shows your line-up, timetable, news ao for the festival and in the conference part of the app focus lies on panels, speakers, program, news and info pages related to the conference. And the timetable of the conference is only shown in this section of course.

You can add different speakers to the panels and all speakers have their own line-up page with an image and information.

Other dual app possibilities

You can also use the switch for other purposes than a conference or another event for professionals. For instance to separate your free day program from the paid night program. This makes festivals with extensive program so much clearer to the visitors. And you can name the Switch button yourself, for instance Switch to professionals program or Switch to free program.

Your app in TimeSquare?

Would you also like a conference app for your festival? Start a free trial or contact us and we will get back to you asap!