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Recap of 2022 and look into the future

January 8, 2023

What a year 2022 was! It all began with the restart of the world of festivals and concerts in Spring.


Our main partners such as Le Guess Who?, Roadburn, Popronde, Motel Mozaique, Into The Great Wide Open, Left Of The Dial, Metropolis, Museum Night The Hague found their way back to TimeSquare after not being able to organize real festivals for two years. 

And on the other side we joined forces with new partners like Dekmantel, Lente Kabinet, Haldern Pop, STRP, Rewire, Dynamo Metalfest and Museum Night Leiden.


Launch your own app in the stores

Our highlight of the year is that we created the possibility for festivals en venues to launch their own separate (native) iOS and Android apps in the App Store and PlayStore. This app will be in TimeSquare (visible to tens of thousands of users) and in the stores as an own app. Best of both worlds! Read all about it here.

In Summer we teamed up with Dekmantel to launch their Dekmantel Festival 2022 apps in the stores. Check out the Dekmantel Festival app in TimeSquare or their separate apps in the App Store and PlayStore


Dynamic Design

A new feature we are very proud of is Dynamic Design, to integrate your own artwork, font style and colors and make the app completely yours. Check out apps like Dekmantel, Into The Great Wide Open and Le Guess Who? for some nice examples. 


TimeSquare for Artists

In Autumn we launched TimeSquare for artists! We did this in collaboration with the Popronde and every artist of this years Popronde selection got its own app in TimeSquare. This means we kicked off with 100 artist apps!

Artists like Wies, Tessel, Eva van Manen and St. Solaire helped us creating TimeSquare for Artists and their apps can now also be found in TimeSquare.


Recommended apps

And last but not least: we have released a new feature which we call recommended apps. With this feature TimeSquare gives festivals, venues and artists the possibility to promote other apps in their own app. 

For instance festival promotors who organize several festivals can tip the others with recommended apps. Or a festival can promote the apps of the venues where it's held. 

New year, new opportunities

In 2023 we will present some great new features we are working on right now. And for several festivals and venue apps we will launch their own separate apps in the App Store and PlayStore, with TimeSquare technology. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in TimeSquare. Perhaps we can meet during ESNS? Our whole team will be there. 


Header image: Metropolis Festival 2022 by Rosa Quist