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Sustainable with TimeSquare

March 1, 2023

Everyone should contribute to a greener future. Thanks to their enormous visibility, festivals and events have a special position and can be an inspirer and booster for a more sustainable way of living.

For instance events in Rotterdam (including TimeSquare customers Motel Mozaique, Metropolis, Left Of The Dial, Eendracht Festival and BIRDfest) attract no less than 4.7 million visitors to the city every year. So that amount of people can become enthusiastic and inspired during these events to make more sustainable choices.

Festivals have already taken many measures in recent years to make the sector more sustainable and to inspire visitors. We can name a few good examples of how Motel Mozaïque tries to reduce their CO2 footprint and raise awareness:

  • Reward visitors with a green discount if they come to the festival with fossil-free transport
  • No more 'single use' plastics, but recyclable deposit cups for visitors and water bottles (also a nice souvenir) for artists
  • Fully vegetarian catering (for visitors, crew and artists) and locally brewed beer
  • And MOMO transports its crew 100% electrically during the festival.

Festivals like Into The Great Wide Open and Welcome To The Village (also two TimeSquare customers from the very beginning) are also looking at the possibilities of making the cycle from raw material to waste material and back as efficient as possible.


With TimeSquare we can help festivals a bit and we have a nice way to inform and inspire visitors via the app:

  • Ban printed materials such as program booklets and timetable handouts and use TimeSquare as a digital programme. Additional benefit: Printed timetables are usually already outdated due to the many program changes as soon as you submit the order to the printer, in an app your timetable will be up to date in just a few seconds. And of course a push message to all your app users in case of important changes.
  • Inspire your visitors with your app in TimeSquare, show a good example via the striking green label on your media page. Behind the label is a green page where you can mention all your sustainability goals and results. Like festivals like MOMO, Into The Great Wide Open, Welcome To The Village and Metropolis do.


If you want to know more about TimeSquare contact us and we will get back to you asap!

Photo: a kid collects plastic deposit cups that will be recycled at the Metropolis Festival in Rotterdam
Credits: Rosa Quist / Metropolis