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TimeSquare at c/o pop

May 7, 2023

In April c/o pop transformed Cologne in Germany into an urban pop culture hotspot for five days, with more than 160 program highlights on over 30 stages! And as the proud new app partner for this amazing festival and convention in one TimeSquare visited the festival and convention.

Pop culture in the spotlights 

c/o pop created an overview of pop culture like no other festival: music without genre denial, program experiences such as workshops, readings, dance and DIY events and open spaces for communities - for an open and colorful society. And in such an amazing, underground part of Cologne.

We practiced our German (it had been a while since High School) during the panels, had a great meeting with c/o pop, met fun people, got to know No Music On A Dead Planet, enjoyed plenty of Kölsch in several biergartens and experienced a lot of live shows at awesome venues.


c/o pop app

And of course we have promoted, used and tested the standalone apps we have built for c/o pop, including the brand new Switch to navigate from the festival line-up to the convention panels and speakers.

Download the c/o pop app in the App Store or Play Store


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