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Feature #1: The unique promolink

TimeSquare is the app store for festival, venue and theatre apps. With an app in TimeSquare you can offer your visitors the app they deserve, reach new audiences, sell more tickets and deepen the relationship with your partners.

Every app in TimeSquare has access to the same features but every app does have its own look & feel. You can create a 'dark mode' app, a pink app with a cat in the header or with some beautiful illustrations.

Sounds good right? And now you probably ask yourself: How do I promote my own app which is in an app store with loads of other apps? We’ve got that covered with our special feature: the unique promolink.

Unique promolink

One of the most important features of TimeSquare is the unique promolink. All festivals, events or venues have their own promolink with which they can promote their app through their online channels. When clicked on a smartphone the promolink will open TimeSquare directly in your specific app, even after installing the app via the app store. It’s every partner’s 'front door' into TimeSquare.

Options like Homescreen [Make this festival my homescreen] and Push [Enable push to receive the latest news] are automatically turned on, unless a user switches them off.

So with the promolink users go directly to your app in TimeSquare, they don’t get distracted by all the others festivals or venues who are already part of the TimeSquare community and visible in our app store.