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TimeSquare in dark mode!

November 11, 2020

The time has come, TimeSquare now supports dark mode! In the last update, we not only did some bug fixes, but also gave TimeSquare a complete new look, including the option to set dark mode. This way you will never be blinded by your phone while standing in a dark concert hall and the battery of your phone will last longer. Not a fan of dark mode? Don't worry, we still support light mode too!


What is dark mode and why should you use it?

Dark mode is a color setting that darkens the appearance of your phone's operating system or an app. The normal color settings of your phone are predominantly light, a dark mode reverses this. 

But why should you use dark mode? The first benefit is that dark mode is good for the battery. As said in the intro, your battery life will last longer, so there is more time to record video's of your favorite artists. :)

The second benefit is that during a concert you don't immediately blind your bystanders (and yourself) with a bright light screen when you open the app. This way you can open TimeSquare in a dark concert hall in a nicer way.


How to turn on dark mode?

Putting TimeSquare on dark mode is very easy. On the main screen, click on the menu icon at the top left. Then a side menu will open, click on 'dark theme'. Next, choose whether you want to turn dark mode on, off or automatically. If you choose the 'automatic' option, the app will take over the settings of your phone. That's it, all set!

We are curious about how you experience TimeSquare in dark mode. Feel free to leave feedback at Enjoy the app and stay tuned for more upcoming updates!