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Promote your online events in TimeSquare!

August 21, 2020

TimeSquare is an excellent tool to promote your online events in times of social distancing. Check out some of TimeSquare’s new and main features which can help out in these new times.


New features to support online event organisers

The COVID-19 pandemic forces venues and festivals all over the world to go online. Of course it makes us sad that we can't go to our favorite festivals and venues at this moment but luckily a lot is happening online! We help you promote your online live events and sell as much live stream tickets as possible.

To support the shift to online streaming events we are constantly adding new features. For example, we've added a simple but effective 'watch live stream' button. Also your audience can press the ticketlink to buy an online access ticket and the app will count down to the exact start time of the online event.

Please let us know if you have ideas to further support you in organising, promoting and selling your online events!


Low investment & flexible

The Covid19 pandemic makes planning very difficult. TimeSquare could be a great tool for your festival or venue: a low investment and we can have your app live within a day! Better ride the TimeSquare wave and keep your costs down. Read more about an app in TimeSquare versus a custom app here.


Push notification

As a festival or venue you can send push messages to your festival visitors using the TimeSquare CMS. If you organize online events like live streams you can send a push when you have launched a new event for which fans can buy tickets, and you can send another push when the event is about to start.

Or if you can already organize small events you can also use the push to make sure your visitors are still aware of the 1.5 meter distance between they have to keep, especially after a few beers.


Watch online

As every app in TimeSquare has an advanced mediapage plus social buttons on every artist page you can easily direct your fans to a video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other video platforms. With just one click you witness the show online, and it takes just one click to get back to TimeSquare.


Sell tickets

Every event (whether you are a festival or a venue) in TimeSquare can have it’s own ticket link, so you can start selling tickets for all your live streams of concerts, comedy shows, films or other fun events.



For your online festival your fans can pick their favorite acts and they will be notified 15 minutes before showtime, so they won’t be late for their favorite shows.


Live Goes On

Download our Live Goes On app in TimeSquare and you will see that there are a lot of cool live streams that you can enjoy at home. In the Live Goes On app you can find a selection of interesting (free and paid) online music and performance events, but there is much much more out there.

If you organise or know a cool live event that is not in the app yet please let us know and we'll add it!

Make sure to click the Favorite button of events that you don't want to miss out on and we will notify you.