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An app in TimeSquare or a custom app?

February 21, 2021

Are you checking out the possibilities of having your own custom app for a festival or venue? We can tell you all about it, as TimeSquare's owner Zooma is a professional custom app builder. But we can also tell you right now that it’s much cheaper, a lot easier and way faster if you start working with TimeSquare, the app store for festival and venue apps.


Timesquare as your own app
Every festival or venue can use TimeSquare as their own app. Our most important feature is the Promolink; a unique quick link that will open TimeSquare directly in your app. Here your users can choose your app to be the TimeSquare homescreen and accept push notifications from you. Users of TimeSquare can also add it to their favorites.


Your look & feel
Each festival or venue gets its own app in TimeSquare with its own look & feel. In TimeSquare you can check the examples of dozens of festivals and venues who created their unique app in TimeSquare. 


100% control
It’s your app, your data and your audience. Use the TimeSquare CMS to manage your app 24/7 and send out push messages. Crucial in case of urgent last minute changes & calamities. Of course we will lead you around and if you want we can start the app for you.


What are the costs?
Prices per festival or venue app in TimeSquare range from 49 Euro per month for the essential package to 149 Euro per month for the professional package. Did you know a custom app with similar features will cost you at least 15 to 20K + yearly hosting + 10-15% yearly maintenance costs? 

TimeSquare pricing includes maintenance, hosting and support. We make sure your app works, especially at the piek moments! We have worked with festivals with >120.000 visitors. We constantly test new BETA iOS and Android firmware versions to make sure the app works on all devices.

And your festival will become a part part of an awesome, fast growing, platform with over a hundred great festivals and venues who already use TimeSquare. A lot of our app users swap between festivals and venues apps in TimeSquare throughout the year.


Free trial
Interested? You can now get a trial app in TimeSquare. And yes, it’s totally free, no strings attached!

We can put up a trial app in just one day, including access to the CMS. So besides looking around in what could be your app, you can also explore the CMS: play with the look and feel of your app and see how easy it is to create line-up pages, a festival map or even a timetable.