Our story


TimeSquare is based in the Netherlands, in a small beautifull university city called 'Leiden'. We are proud to work with festivals and venues from all over the world. We love to get in contact with you too.


Our team consists of 12 highly skilled developers and designers. And just as important; we have organised professional festivals and worked at venues ourselves. Actually, some of us still do (it's addictive!)! 


Every year we organise our own small festival. We completely dismantle our office and turn it into a professional concert venue. We book the three bands that we love and all of our friends and partners. For example, check 2019 live recordings of WIES and TESSEL in our offices. Awesome evenings. Difficult mornings ;-)



Using our technical skills and music industry experience we are developing a great affordable tool for your festival or venue. Our goal is to allow you to better communicate and engage with your audience. 


For the end consumer, the festival- and concertgoers, we believe TimeSquare is a great solution; all our favorite festivals and venues in one app, no more searching through countless websites and apps.


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about TimeSquare. We are constantly looking for new team members (developers, marketeers and content specialists) and partners/agents in new countries.